Corporate Catering

Matey's delivers lunch to your office and group events

Available: (Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 3:00pm)

2 Catering Choices:

Party Trays are excellent for large groups who want a delicious prepared meal delivered at a specific time and setup at their event.

Small serves 8-12 people
Large serves 15-20 people

Party Trays

Small & Large tray sizes
Utensils and condiments included

(24 hours before delivery time)

Group Menu Ordering

Individually bagged and labeled

(1 hour before desired time)

2 ways to order:

(Minimum total for delivery is $50.00)

Fax (610) 861-3684

How to Fax your orders

1. Download menu

Download and print the Matey's menu of your choice.

2. Fill out order

Write down the name and order of each person.

3. Fax in your order

Fax order to (610) 861-3684


Matey's Corporate Food Catering & Delivery Service

Available to every business within a 25-minute distance.
No private homes — no exceptions

Party Tray Orders - Require 24 hour advance order.

Group Menu Orders - We accept Friday lunch pre-orders beginning on Thursday, and same-day orders as early as 9:30am.

Due to heavy Friday ordering, we recommend that you place your order early.